A Taste of Italian Autumn

Posted by admin on December 2, 2016

And what a great evening it turned out to be. Our first official food and wine pairing went off with a bang on Tuesday 18 October. Paolo, our head chef chose a seasonal menu which was designed to capture all the earthy harvest flavours that the golden autumn season provided.

Chestnuts, Porcini and Girolle Mushrooms all featured and each key ingredient of the  diverse Menu was enhanced by the Cantine Lavorata wines which we chose to accompany the five courses,


Ingredients Flown In From Italy


Sandro Sabatini, father of our head chef Paolo played a significant role in the sourcing the ingredients. He forged for them himself in the countryside and boarded his flight with Black Truffles and Mushrooms fresh and ready to be served at our special evening.

Our mission at Basilico is only to serve the best quality ingredients and stay true to our authentic Italian origins, so this fitted the bill perfectly.


The Menu


Spiced Chestnut Soup with Hazelnut Cream and Salsiccia Crumble

Wine Pairing: Cantine Lavorata Anfisa Bianco 2015


Hand Made Taglioni with Piedmontese Porcini Mushrooms in garlic, flat parsley and extra virgin olive oil sauce

Wine Pairing cantine Lavorata Cabernet Sauvignon  2015


Carnaroli Risotto with Burgundy Black Truffle shavings and 30 months aged Parmigiano Regianno cheese.

Wine Pairing : Cantine Lavorata Greco Nero IGT 2012


Main: Slow roasted Kilkenny Veal  Rose shoulder

Piedmontese Girolle Mushrooms, Baby artichokes, Gratin Potato, Veal Jus

Wine Pairing;  Cantine Lavorata Bivongi D.O.C Riserva 2013


Dessert: Orange “Semifreddo”

Wine Pairing. Cantine Lavorata Greco di Bianco D.O.C


More About Cantine Lavorata Wines


We import our wines directly from our friends at Cantine Lavorata Vineyard in  Calabria, and it was to them we turned for the perfect recommendations for each of our courses.

And our guests were delighted! Anna de Marigny, our PR introduced each of the wines, giving the provenance and explaining how the locality of the vineyards enhances their flavours.

The grapes grow on the slopes gently sheltered by the winds but at the same time exposed to the salty air of the Meditteranean.

The result is intense and elegant aromas varying from the peach and gooseberry notes the Anfisa we chose to complement the first course to the full bodied, rich velvet cherry notes of the Bivongi which accompanied the veal.


A Hands-On Experience


Guests enjoyed the professionalism and passion with which our head chef Paolo introduced the delicious menu. After waiters had served each course, he described the essential ingredients and sources of each. The commentary enhanced the "foodie experience" and made each taste a truly memorable one.

Our evening was voted a great success both by Food critics and our regular guests, a  mouthwatering Taste of Autumn which we will repeat.