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Posted by admin on February 3, 2015

From Monday 15th of July 2019

Basilico Italian Restaurant Open 7 Days


Basilico is the only Italian restaurant in County Galway to receive this prestigious award by Eccellenze Italiane.

This company protects all businesses "Made in Italy" around the world. So when you see this plaque outside our door in Basilico Restaurant, you can be sure that you will enjoy a real Italian food experience.


Entra nel sito di Eccellenze Italiane



La sede della REI Registro Eccellenze Italiane SRL

The headquarters of the REI Register Excellencies Italian SRL

REI Register Excellencies Italian SRL uses decades of experience in the areas of qualità Made in Italy, marketing and information technology.

The office is located in Via dei Carpini in the industrial area of Bastia Umbra, in the province of Perugia, right in the middle of one of the most important quality of Italy.

The Editorial Board

During the 2014 The Committee has examined 9.582 requests for provision of quality, and Accepted only 2.607 (to the 28 August 2014).

The valuation of assets from insignire-label ID and Anti place from Editorial Board, currently composed of the following members:

Antonella Bagnetti. The fashion expert, clothing, communication and marketing.

Rag. Anna Corriale. Expert in marketing and communication in the field of food and cuisine.

Dr. Silvia Diano. Degree in foreign languages and literature, expert in organizing events, weddings, meeting, team building and management of farm holidays, restaurants and spas.

Arianna Filomia. Graduated masterful and socio-educational psychology and graduated from the Conservatory in music theory.

Dr.ssa Francesca Maltecca. Degree in science of cultural heritage, president of the council of the students (Bergamo).

Dr. Giangiacomo Morozzo. Writer, degree in philology and modern literature.

Your Narciso. Expert in marketing and sales techniques.

Francesco Pandolfi Balbi. Writer, publisher, computer consultant.

Eurosia Pasquali. Esperta in marketing, communication and in food trade.

Mirko Perego. IT Professional, in advertising techniques, graphics, cultural and musical events, Technical Sales in renewable energy.

Ing. Carlo Emanuele Proietti. Degree in environmental engineering, consultant in health and beauty, graphic and webmaster, responsible for press offices, marketing and communication.

Geom. Ken Sorbelli. Sommelier, food industry expert & beverage.

Dr. Elizabeth Sorrenti. Degree in foreign languages and literature, teacher of English and German, tour operator responsible for the external sector, master in marketing.