Posted by admin on February 1, 2014

We are proud to announce that Basilico restaurant and House Bistro will be offering from now

Gluten Free Pizza (9" Size ONLY) !!!

We’d like as many people as possible to enjoy the best pizza this side of Ireland, so we’re delighted to offer a number of our pizzas without gluten. While we can’t guarantee a 100% flour-free environment, no pizza ordered Gluten Free in our menu uses any ingredient containing gluten, but can’t be guaranteed to be free from gluten traces.

We always try to make sure to have enough gluten free pizza dough available, but at times demand might exceed our estimates so please contact Basilico restaurant to reserve your gluten free pizza.

Booking is not required but is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Please note, all Gluten Free Pizza are ONLY 9" IN SIZE


1) What controls do you have in place to avoid cross-contamination?

While it is never possible to guarantee 100% flour free environment we work hard to maintain any risk to a minimum. More in details we adhere to the policy below.
  • All our pizzaioli (pizza chefs) are trained to avoid cross contamination and to handle gluten free ingredients
  • We only use Gluten Free pizza dough for our gluten free pizza. All gluten free dough is produced and stored separately from regular dough
  • We only use gluten free toppings stored and labelled separately for our gluten free pizza
  • We bake all our gluten free pizza in trays and never in the same time as other regular pizza


2) Do your gluten free pizza cost more?  

No, our gluten free pizza have the same price as the regular dough pizza.

3) Do I need to book?

Booking is not required but is welcome to avoid disappointment. We always try to make sure to have enough gluten free pizza dough available, but at times demand might exceed our estimates, so if you can contact us to reserve your pizza.

4) Base Ingredients  

Water, maize starch, rice flour, lupine protein, dextrose, apple fibre, thickener: methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, salt.

to Ask more information about our Gluten Free Pizza Base email to:




You should always advise your server of any special dietary requirements, including intolerances and allergies. Where possible, our trained staff will advise you on alternative dishes. However, while we do our best to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in our restaurants, we CANNOT guarantee that any of our dishes are free from allergens and therefore cannot accept any liability in this respect. Guests with severe allergies are advised to assess their own level of risk and consume dishes at their own risk.

The allergen and ingredient information provided on our website and in our restaurants should NOT be considered as any form of guarantee but as a best faith effort to provide you with information on our dishes. You should use this information to help you assess your own level of risk, based on your personal circumstances, before eating any of our dishes.

The allergen information we provide is specifically related to the dishes we make at Jamie’s Italian, and in response to enquiries into special dietary requirements and our ingredients.


The dishes outlined as "vegetarian options" are suitable for ovo-Lacto vegetarians, and on request can be served without Parmesan and other ingredients that are stated as being not suitable for vegetarians.

Prices and provenance may vary, so check your local restaurant's menu for exact details .