New Spring Bistro Menu



“100% of Tips, Gratuities and Service Charge is distributed to staff within the premises on a basis agreed with our staff”


13.5% VAT included in all of our prices




All of our Pastas are made Fresh in our Kitchen every day using Top quality Italian Semolina Flour with Bronze Presse Traditional Methods.

Gluten-free pasta available


12" Gourmet Pizza

10" gluten-free base available

12" Stone-Oven Classics

10" gluten-free base available

Please inform your waiter before ordering, of any food allergies or intolerance you may have, so we can try modify the dishes, if possible.

New Allergy Index

Cereal Containing Gluten: [1A] wheat, [1B] Barley, [1C] Rye, [1D] Oats, [1E] Spelt, [6] 

[2] Crustacean, [3] Eggs, [4]Fish, [5] Peanuts, [6] Soybeans, [7] Milk/Dairy;

NUTS (TREE NUTS): [8A] Almond, [8B] Brazil Nut, [8C] Cashew, [8D] Pistachio, [8E] Pecan, [8F] Walnut, [8G] Hazelnut,

[8H) Macadamia, [8J] Pine Nuts, [8k] Praline;— [9] Celery, [10] Mustard, [11] Sesame Seeds, [12] Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites

[13] Lupin,  [14] Molluscs.

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