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Posted by admin on May 18, 2016

About Us

Basilico Oranmore is the only Italian restaurant in Galway to win the prestigious “Eccellenze Italiane” award. This company protects all businesses that proclaim Italian authenticity so you know you will be experiencing original Italian cuisine.


Fabiano Mulas and Paolo Sabatini are this authentic Italian restaurant's driving force. It’s simple to see where the core values behind this Oranmore Italian restaurant originate. Fabiano and Paolo both believe in using the best quality ingredients to give their dishes the authenticate flavour that speaks so eloquently of the Mediterranean.


Fabiano Mulas, GM and Director


Fabiano grew up on the beautiful island of Sardinia where it was simply a way of life to grow your vegetables and be as self-sufficient as possible.  The culture continues there even to this day


“ My parents, Silvana, and Giuseppe, still believe that the best dishes are made using produce that comes from their land. They knew which ingredients went into the dishes. My mother was never comfortable with buying pre-made and processed products as she wasn’t sure what had gone into them “ says Fabiano.  He has embraced this as his personal philosophy. The Basilico team source fresh local produce wherever possible. 

Fabiano regularly goes back to Sardinia to help his parents sow and harvest the crops, and he remains close to his roots.

“The aromatic fragrance of my mother’s home-made tomato sauce never leaves me “he adds. “ she never took short cuts, she never compromised, the taste was all-important always.”


Paolo Sabatini, Head Chef and Director

 Paolo Sabatini hails from Rome, where his parents still own a vineyard and distill their olive oil. “ My father is now retired,” says Paolo “but my grandparents were small farmers and my dad, Sandro, applied all he learned from them about cultivating grapes, olives, and harvesting crops to his own smallholding.  He bottles wine and olive oil for a small circle of people including us and still has a considerable acreage under vegetables.  Olive and grape cultivation is now a full-time occupation for him. My mother, Mirella cooks beautiful dishes with the rich ingredients, which are readily available. “


Paolo grew up with those incredible flavours and is keen to share them with his Irish customers.

The Food Sourced Locally


Both Fabiano and Paolo have made significant efforts to source the best local products.  Brady’s butchery in Athenry supplies their meat; Seafood comes from Gannet Fishmongers in Galway and their list of high quality suppliers is recognised as some of the best in the business.

They include  wonderful Italian products from both Paolo and Fabiono's parents and amongst others:-

  • Max from Italycatessen in Dublin who provides Italian cured meats
  • Achill Mountain Lamb
  • Castlemine Farm Roscommon
  • Green Earth Organics


The Wine

Fabiano and Paolo handpick the wines served at Basilico, and as you would expect, they are mostly Italian. Vineyards in Calabria produce distinctive, and high-quality wines and the pair has chosen fifteen that complement the dishes to perfection.  They have a wine cellar, which reflects offerings from the world’s top wine producing areas but they to keep the emphasis primarily Italian. The wine list is updated each season and regular trips home to Italy create opportunities to add to their growing wine menu.


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