Original Italian Tradition

Original Italian Tradition

Fabiano Mulas, GM and Director

Fabiano grew up on the beautiful island of Sardinia where it was simply a way of life to grow your vegetables and be as self-sufficient as possible.  The culture continues there even to this day

“ My parents, Silvana, and Giuseppe, still believe that the best dishes are made using produce that comes from their land. They knew which ingredients went into the dishes. My mother was never comfortable with buying pre-made and processed products as she wasn’t sure what had gone into them “ says Fabiano.  He has embraced this as his personal philosophy. The Basilico team source fresh local produce wherever possible.

Fabiano regularly goes back to Sardinia to help his parents sow and harvest the crops, and he remains close to his roots.

“The aromatic fragrance of my mother’s home-made tomato sauce never leaves me “he adds. “ she never took short cuts, she never compromised, the taste was all-important always.”

Paolo Sabatini, Head Chef and Director

Owner and Executive Head Chef Paolo Sabatini, from Viterbo, Italy, has more than 20 years experience in Italian Cuisine and with the help of his Head Chef “Jessica Gemmini” prepare new menus for every season inspired by his old recipe books and regional specialities. Paolo’s unique interest in food goes back to his training at the age of fourteen in Italy. His culinary journey has taken him to America and eventually to Ireland where his passion for new tastes and innovation with food is remarkable.

Paolo surrounds himself with the best of seasonal and local ingredients to produce his dishes.

Paolo is also the only Italian chef in Galway to be member of the prestigious “Euro-Toque” Ireland, and has been credited with “the best Italian food in the west” by gastronomique food critique from”Taste of Ireland” .His cuisine is recommended by Sally and John Mckenna of the Bridgestone Guide, by Georgina Campbell, by Lucinda O’Sullivans Best Places to Eat in Ireland and recommended by the Italian Chef’s Federation in Ireland. Since 2016 Paolo Sabatini have retained the AA Rosette with Basilico Restaurant and it’s the only Italian Restaurant in County Galway to be present in this prestigious Food Guide. Paolo grew up with those incredible flavours and is keen to share them with his Irish customers.

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